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It's what I can create only with the camera that catches me the most with photography. 

I often use one "long" exposure while moving the camera to capture my own magic - no manipulation in Photoshop.

​Sometimes I merge two motifs in one exposure to create a whole new one. This technique with many variables makes it impossible to repeat the same motive twice, a quality I greatly appreciate. By working with abstraction I want to give more room for the viewer's own imaginations. Small editions.

With thoughts around multi-use and reuse also in arts and crafts I have designed tables in hand forged raw iron and in solid oak with replaceable art photo table tops in thick plexiglass or 4 mm tempered glass - signed and numbered with engraving, print of 10.

The single iron table measures 46 x 46 x 50 cm, but the iron tables also come as set tables of three.

The middle tabletop also fits the oak table, which in addition comes with a possibility of underlight.

In this way you can renew your table and room just by adding a new art photo table top, and vary with the ones  you have from before. Maybe you want a custom-made one?

I also designed an iron lightbox that comes with LED lights and remote control with color programs.

It has holes in the back wall for hanging, and is designed as a mailbox for the ability to swap pictures.

The largest glass table top also fits the lightbox.

My fascination with light is why I love working with copying directly on acrylics, up to 40 mm thick

- then the light refraction becomes magical!



Upcoming: - International group exhibition/online, Gallerium/Biafarin Plantarium 2023

- International group exhibition/online, Gallerium/Biafarin Elements 2023

- International group exhibition/online, Gallerium/Biafarin Unreal 2023

- Group exhibition Badehotellet Holmsbu, Norway 2023

- International group exhibition/online, Gallerium/Biafarin Aesthetics 2023

- International group exhibition/online, Gallerium/Biafarin GAP Prize 2023

- Tokyo Tower Art Fair/digital, Tokyo 2023

- Solo Exhibition Støa Holmsbu, Norway - 2022

- Gest Exhibition Gallery Drøbak Kunstnerforum, Drøbak Norway - 2022

- Solo exhibition Schulerudstuene Holmsbu, Norway - 2021

- Power Woman digital exhibition, Sei l’Arte, Kunstmatrix virtual gallery - 2021

- ArtExpo New York, USA - 2019 (Artblend, Ft. Lauderdale)

- Spectrum Miami Art Week, USA - 2018 (Artblend, Ft. Lauderdale)

- Galleri Engleson, Gothenburg Sweden - 2018

- ArtExpo New York, USA - 2018 (Artblend, Ft. Lauderdale)

- Biennale of the Nations, Palace Scuola Grande della Misericordia, Venice Italy - 2018         

  Received Tiziano Prize for the picture "Ice & Fire" (Salvatore og Francesco Russo, Palermo)

- Spectrum Miami Art Week, USA - 2017 (Artavita, Santa Barbara) 

- Little Treasures, Ateneo de Madrid, Sala Prado, C/Prado 21, Madrid Spain - 2017 (Paola Trevisan, Bologna)

- Little Treasures, The Galleria De Marchi/Trevisan International Art, Bologna Italy - 2016

- Photography Now, The Brick Lane Gallery, London England - 2016

- Autumn Exhibition, Son Kro, Norway - 2015

- Galleri Solsiden 10, Risør Norway- 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

- Solo exhibition, Café Oliven, Son Norway - 2011

- Solo exhibition, Hellviktangen Art Café, Nesodden Norway - 2009
- Deichmanske Bibliotek - Sandaker, Oslo Norway - 2006
- Town Hall Gallery Oslo, Graduation Exhibition Oslo Photo Art School - 2006
- Hainan University College of Fine Art, Haikou, China - 2006
- Barracks 48, Bjørvika, Langkaia Oslo - 2005
- South China Normal University, Guanzhou, China - 2005
- Luxiun Academy of Arts, Shengyan, China - 2005
- Pingyao International Photography Festival, China - 2005



- "Gallerium Art Prize Elements 2023" for "Ice & Fire", 2023

Purchased by Vestby municipality, The Culture Quarter: Yellow Vibrations, Fading Blue, Fading Blue 2, 2023

- "Gallerium Art Prize Unreal 2023" for "Lightplaying", 2023

- "Gallerium Art Prize Aesthetics 2023" for "Precious 4", 2023

"Gallerium Art Prize (GAP) 2023" for "Our Magpie Nest", 2023

- "Faces of the Peace Art Prize" for "Salty Drink", 2022

- "50 Contemporary Artists to Invest in" for "Green Zeppelin", 2021

- "Art Universal Encyclopedia" for "Poetry in Mint", 2021

- "Ambassador of Art 2021 Norway International Prize" for "Last Glow", 2021

- "International Prize David Michelangelo" for "Poetry", 2020

- "The International Prize of Nations Tribute to Tiziano" for "Ice & Fire" - Venice 2018

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